Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom renovation is an important undertaking and should only be trusted to the most qualified home improvement contractors like Banris Construction.  It is also a wise investment if you’re considering selling your home or aging-in-place.  A bathroom renovation is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. Choosing to update the fixtures and materials with more energy-efficient options could easily add thousands of dollars to what your home’s worth and will make it easier to sell to potential homebuyers

When you first start your Bathroom Remodeling Project, you often don’t realize just how much work goes into it. Just the plumbing alone will require a great deal of attention, which is why it is essential that you hire a professional from Banris Construction that can complete the work to a high standard. We can help you choose your faucets, fixtures, bathtubs, sinks, showers, and even garbage disposals. We offer our expert advice and complete installations to ensure your Home Improvement – Bathroom Remodeling Project doesn’t suffer from any issues along the way.

Bathroom remodeling offers several benefits to homeowners. From upgrading to energy-efficient fixtures to enhancing the current layout, this undertaking is a project that’s highly recommended by experienced homebuilders like Banris Construction in Delaware.   Bathroom remodeling begins with us asking what you don’t like about your current bathroom. Are you looking to improve safety and make the space easier to use? Do you have a large soaking tub that you’d like to eliminate to create a larger walk-in shower? Are you looking for a sleek, clean, contemporary design that will be easier to maintain? Are you tired of looking at dated colors? Our process begins by listening to you.